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Pet’s Seven on Sunday 8.24.14

It’s been a while since I posted, simply because there wasn’t much to post. Things here with Sir are great… but life (especially summer with 3 children) has a tendency to put  a cramp in the BDSM lifestyle.  Seems we had kids here more than we didn’t so playtime was limited.  Add that I had oral surgery last month, and then caught a yucky cold…. well, you get the idea. 

This weekend we didn’t have any kids, and today I got this text from Sir:

"Right now you’re going to get fucked.  Come in the bedroom and get naked, then on the bed on all fours facing the headboard."

And so it began…

1.  I was collared (that felt good, since I hadn’t worn it for months!) blindfolded and put on the bed.

2.  Sir immediately started to play with my ass… and then came the butt plug… feels SO good! 

3.  He starts rubbing my pussy and I nearly cum right away, but He stops.

4.  Then came a vibrator, dildo and a bigger butt plug.  

5.  He had me suck Him, and then He put on the nipple clamps.  HARD!  

6.  I came, He fucked me, had me suck Him some more and then I got to cum again!

7.  After more fucking, he had me lay on the edge of the bed, with my head hanging off backward and he mouth fucked me while using my favorite glass dildo on my pussy.  I was allowed to rub my clit and I came hard!  I’l always amazing how I can cum so hard and not bite His dick off!  

We took a nap.  Had hamburgers.  My life?  It doesn’t suck!!! 

I’m a lucky pet indeed!  

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As the main goal of the blog was to invite, embrace and educate those on spanking - Here is another post to discuss the variety of spanking or discipline that can help define your likes and needs.

Many who are looking to explore spanking and discipline do so for a variety of reasons. For simple sexual foreplay - or to go back to a more steady role in the house where there is a dominant and submissive person and the discipline is in the form of a “head of household” - to those who need to have those times of being called out for their attitude or tone - to be held accountable - for true discipline - to those then who want to explore the more intense form of punishment that begins to move towards BDSM.

As i post more - the goal is that as you wander through this blog - you decide if you want to explore a form of spanking or discipline, then to define what type you wish to explore - and then as we progress, to see what implements you can try - how they are used and how they can affect your body and mind.

There is a tutorial on belt spanking - and many pictures and videos to help you decide which type or types you might be interested in.

So, if you have come this far - and decide you wish to explore punishment in some way - try to see which of the four you want to start at - and work your way through. Make sure you and your partner understand the roles (for both of you) for Roleplay spanking, Therapy spanking, Punishment spanking and Hardcore spanking.

Bottom line - be open, be smart - and learn that trust and communication is key to the success of your adventure! Have Fun!

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